Microsol participated as a speaker at the Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2023

Within the framework of Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2023 (LACCW), which takes place in Panama City, from October 23 to 27, 2023, organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Government of Panama, Elizabeth López, Technical Coordinator of Microsol, participated, today, Monday the 23rd, as a speaker at the event “Consultations on the methodology within the framework of Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement, for emissions reduction and removals in the region “LAC.” 

The session addressed the mechanisms, methodology, lessons learned, challenges of the carbon market, within the context of Article 6.4, for different efficient energy sectors, including clean cooking. Our coordinator presented the case of our “Tuki Wasi” Program, the roadmap, with specific standards, and the process of identifying key actors in the Program, as well as the role that each one plays to generate trust in the carbon world, aiming at the transparency of information and its reliability.  

Tuki Wasi is a program that is framed in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement for the Transfer of Internationally Generated Mitigation Results (ITMO), within the framework of the bilateral agreement between the governments of Peru and Switzerland. 

The event brought together, physically and virtually, decision makers, energy experts, representatives of environmental ministries in the region, private society, academia, and think tanks. 

About improved kitchens

The use of this type of cookstove allows the combustion process to be improved/made more efficient, reducing the consumption of local firewood and reducing carbon emissions. At the same time, they help expel toxic smoke and particulate matter out of the home, drastically reducing indoor pollution and the risk of respiratory diseases.

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