About us

Microsol was established more than a decade ago with the purpose to create a powerful link between communities worldwide to help them become more sustainable and face the challenges of climate change.

In some parts of the world, communities face extreme weather and unpredictable seasonal patterns, both of which are intensified by the climate crisis. Frequently, these vulnerable communities do not have the necessary resources to mitigate their own environmental impacts, putting their lives at risk.

Communities in different parts of the world are becoming more conscious and concerned about our warming planet. These committed communities look for innovative ways to contribute further to lower our global footprint.

Our Approach

The acceptance and long-term sustainability of our projects is our main objective. Having a clear understanding of the context and policies allows us to develop innovative solutions to help rural communities face the challenges of climate change. Our approach tailors each intervention to the needs of each community, ensuring that it can be sustainable and have the greatest impact.

1. Design

We understand the needs, ideas and perceptions of communities. We then consider the context and policies to design the best solution.

2. Innovate

This solution is tested and validated in the field to ensure that it meets the needs of communities, is sustainable, and can be easily replicated.

3. Replicate

After validating the solution in the field, the final step is to replicate and expand the solution. Carbon finance has proven to be an excellent way to expand the scope of the project.

4. Monitoring

Microsol allocates 100% of the income generated by the sale of low-carbon reductions to cover monitoring, maintenance activities and eventually the inclusion of new families in our projects.