Microsol drives methodological consensus in clean cooking initiatives in Peru

As part of its commitment to ensuring that clean cooking methodologies are well applied in Peru, Microsol has resumed its role within the Technical Standardization Committee (CTN for its acronym in Spanish) 127 “Clean Cookstoves and Clean Cooking Solutions”, of the peruvian National Quality Institute (INACAL). At this stage, the goal is to achieve the validation of two key standards aligned with the system of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), for their implementation at the national level: one on “Field Testing Methods for Cookstoves” (ISO 19869) and another addressing “Guidelines for Social Impact Assessment” (ISO/TR/19915). This joint effort facilitates the adaptation of local standards to international ones, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of Improved Cookstoves.

In addition to Microsol, the technical committee includes the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), the Common Development Fund (FONCODES), the National Training Service for the Construction Industry (SENCICO), NGOs, and improved cookstove manufacturers and builders. These stakeholders will play an important role in reviewing the proposed standards, providing valuable technical inputs and subsequently voting on their implementation in the country. Also, both technical provisions can drive the creation of rules based on more precise data from cookstoves used in real scenarios, considering both their use and performance, in direct collaboration with the beneficiaries.

Thus, the participation and commitment assumed by the numerous stakeholders that make up the technical committee is beneficial for INACAL, as it allows adapting international standards to the reality of the country and receiving opinions from technical specialists for their implementation in the national territory.


It is a Specialized Public Technical Body, attached to Peruvian Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), with administrative, functional, technical, economic, and financial autonomy. INACAL aims to promote and ensure compliance with Peru's National Quality Policy, with emphasis on the development and competitiveness of economic activities and consumer protection.

More about Improved Cookstoves

Improved Kitchens are a simple solution that addresses a highly complex problem. Their impact is immediate and long-lasting, generating significant improvements in the health of the families, as well as in the time and resources they dedicate to food preparation. Furthermore, it helps to reduce pressure on forest resources. Indirectly, this investment promotes equity, sustainable development, and resilience in the face of social and environmental challenges.

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