Winner of the Second Competitive Selection Process for the Tuki Wasi Program

Ruru Tarpuy and Microsol welcome you to the consortium formed by the companies EACYS EIRL and PRACTICOGON JCS EIRL as a new selected operator of the Second Competitive Selection Process for the Tuki Wasi Program.

The process began on March 20 and lasted one month. It had a user registration stage, a virtual consultation period, informative talks, and finally the reception of applications.


EACYS EIRL is a Cajamarca company dedicated to managing renewable energy projects since 2001. The improved kitchen they will use will be the model “JCS Improved Kitchen” (CMJCS), from the consortium company PRACTIFOGON JCS EIRL certified by SENCICO. Practifogón is also a Cajamarca company that has been operating since 2017 and has experience in the manufacture and installation of kitchens in different areas of the department of Cajamarca.


Welcome to the Program!


About the Tuki Wasi Program

The Tuki Wasi Program (Nice House in Quechua) aims to implement improved stoves to replace traditional wood-burning stoves to reduce global emissions and improve the well-being of rural communities in Peru.

It is planned to install around 60,000 improved stoves in vulnerable areas of Peru, and to execute a technical-social sustainability strategy in order to ensure the operability, maintenance, acceptance and proper functioning of the kitchens. The implementation period of the program, which will have different stages, will be until the year 2031.

We want to thank all the applicant institutions for the great interest, and ask them to stay tuned to our social networks for future calls.

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