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Tuki Wasi Receives Prestigious Environmental Recognition


In the eighth edition of the National Environmental Award “Antonio Brack Egg” Bicentennial edition, Microsol was recognized by Peru’s Ministry of the Environment for its pilot project Tuki Wasi (Pleasant Home). This award acknowledges Microsol’s contributions under Climate Change Mitigation in the category “Peru Natural”.

The Tuki Wasi pilot project avoided the emission of 10,527 tCO2e into the environment by installing improved cookstoves in rural communities of the La Libertad and Huanuco regions, benefiting 4,600 people.

The Pilot, financed by the Climate Cent Foundation (CCF) and the Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Compensation (KliK Foundation), is implemented within the framework of the agreement between Peru and Switzerland. It represents the first Internationally Transferred Mitigation Results (ITMO) project using improved cookstoves in the world.

Besides promoting environmental benefits such as reducing CO2 emissions and reducing deforestation in highland forests, the implementation of improved cookstoves also helps improve the well-being of rural communities. For example, health problems are drastically reduced by expelling harmful gases outside the user´s home. Furthermore, families can generate additional sources of income by reducing the time and costs invested in the search and acquisition of firewood and the preparation of their meals.

For implementing the Tuki Wasi Pilot project, Microsol works hand in hand with CAPSOCIAL in Huanuco and INKASOL in La Libertad for the installation, training, monitoring, and maintenance of the cookstoves with the help of the project´s beneficiaries.

The positive results of the pilot phase have allowed the extension of the project to a full implementation phase, which will benefit close to 60,000 families under the framework of the Bilateral agreement between Switzerland and Peru and the ITMO mechanism.


About Microsol
Microsol is a Franco-Peruvian social organization that promotes collaboration between local communities around the world to develop sustainable actions that help them face the challenges of climate change. Microsol works through Consultancies, Community Projects, and Carbon Programs such as Utsil Naj and Qori Q’oncha.

As such, the Qori Q’oncha program has also been recognized by KPMG, the United Nations, and Sustainable Peru in the Planet category in 2021 and is the bearer of the Solar Impulse label. In 2020, the program won the “Antonio Brack Egg” National Environmental Award and received the Energy Globe Award recognition. Likewise, the Utsil Naj program, which is implemented in Central America, won the Green Latin America Award in May 2020.


About the Antonio Brack Egg Award from the Ministry of the Environment
The Antonio Brack Egg National Environmental Award recognizes the environmental performance of people and organizations that have a positive impact on environmental protection, sustainable management of natural resources and conservation, while contributing to the generation of a culture of environmental responsibility in the nation. For more information about this edition click here.

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