Tuki Wasi Program holds second local Public Consultation in May

  • The Tuki Wasi Program carries out the second Public Consultation of 2023 in the province of Otuzco, department of La Libertad.

Within the framework of the implementation of the Tuki Wasi Program, the Ruru Tarpuy Association and Microsol, in collaboration with the Empresa Constructora Inkawasi Soluciones (Inkasol), carried out a second local Public Consultation process in the district of Otuzco, province of Otuzco, department of La Libertad, on May 22th. The objective of this second consultation was to continue carrying out the population awareness about the main characteristics of the Program, collect their contributions and comments, as well as answer questions and exchange relevant information about the process.

The event was held in the municipal auditorium of the Otuzco district and had the participation of 64 attendees (28 women and 36 men) from 23 population centers, such as Casmiche Negro, La Fortuna, Nuevo Amanecer, Sanchique, Machigon, Monte de Armas, Mariscal Castilla, Walter Acevedo Sector, Pusunchas, Pichampampa, La Fortuna, San Isidro, Tres Cerros, Tambillo, Pachin Alto, Luz Garad, Santa Lucia, Huangamarca, Santa Rosa Neighborhood, San Ignacio, Luchacpampa, La Ermita Neighborhood, Magdalena de Burruchaga, Sanme Sector, among others.

Representatives of local governments, municipal managements, representatives of base associations, local municipal agents, presidents of the water and sanitation association, representatives of base associations, lieutenant governors, presidents of “Vaso de Leche” associations, fathers and mothers, as well as the local population.

It is important to emphasize that part of the Public Consultation process involves recording all the interventions by the attendees, to evaluate their incorporation into the implementation and improvement of the Tuki Wasi Program.

Likewise, new Public Consultations are planned in the following months in the province of Pachitea, department of Huánuco.

About the Tuki Wasi Program

In November 2021, Microsol signed an agreement with the Swiss institutions Climate Cent Foundation (CCF) and the KliK Foundation to create the first agreement for the purchase of Mitigation Results (ITMO) in the world, under article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement.

Thus, the Tuki Wasi Program was created, which is one of the first ITMO programs for improved cookstoves in the world, and the first ITMO Program in Peru.

The Tuki Wasi Program hopes to install 60,000 improved cookstoves nationwide, which will benefit approximately 300,000 people in vulnerable areas of the country. Through these cookstoves, the aim is to reduce GHG emissions between 480,000 and 960,000 tCO2e by the year 2030.

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