Tuki Wasi Program carries out a new local public consultation at the beginning of May

  • The Tuki Wasi Program carries out the first Public Consultation of 2023 in the province of Santiago de Chuco, department of La Libertad.
  • Local Public Consultation included the participation of potential users and local authorities.

Within the framework of the implementation of the Tuki Wasi Program, the Ruru Tarpuy Association and Microsol, in collaboration with the Inkawasi Soluciones Construction Company (Inkasol), carried out the local Public Consultation process in the district of Santiago de Chuco, province of Santiago de Chuco, department of La Libertad, on May 8th. The objective of the consultation was to inform the population of the main characteristics of the Program, collect their contributions and comments, as well as answer questions and exchange relevant information about the process.

The event was held in the municipal theater of Santiago de Chuco and had the participation of 281 attendees (113 women and 168 men) from 48 population centers, such as Alto Paraiso, Aguiñay, Cauchalda, Uningambalito, Oyon, Sauca, Chucumarca, Molle , Urpimarca, Santiago, Suruvara, Huaran Cotay, Huancabamba, Erecre, Iscap, Ururupa Alta, Ururupa Baja, Cushuro, Ake, Barrio Santa Mónica, Chambuc, Cacamarca, Osaygue, Caumayda, Conra, Unchuypampa, Parañida, Incas, Chiracball, La Cuchilla , Coypin, Santa Rosa, Muchucayda, Santa Cruz de Chuna, Chile, Urumaca, Muycan, Cunguay, Canrramaca, Pueblo Nuevo, Parañida, Sogobara, Mungurral, Hospital, Cauchalda, Punchaypampa, Cruz Pampa, Cachubamba, San Martin, Las Delicias, Nueva Fortaleza, Pichunchuco, Huayatan, Santa Cruz de Chuna, Shoygla, Cushuro, Carpabamba, El Zuro, Huaran Uningambal Bajo, Casapamba, Imball, Huaytan, San Cristobal, Cochabamba, Chullagueda, Chulite, among others.

Likewise, numerous representatives of local governments, local municipal agents, social and economic development management offices, district mayors’ offices, representatives of grassroots associations, lieutenant governors, presidency of community rounds, presidency of communal kitchen pots, fathers and mothers, as well as local population.

As part of the Public Consultation process, all interventions by attendees were recorded to evaluate their incorporation into the implementation and improvement of the Tuki Wasi Program. Likewise, a new Public Consultation is scheduled for May 22th in the province of Otuzco, department of La Libertad.


About the Tuki Wasi Program

In November 2021, Microsol signed an agreement with the Swiss institutions Climate Cent Foundation (CCF) and the KliK Foundation to create the first agreement for the purchase of Mitigation Results (ITMO) in the world, under article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement.

Thus, the Tuki Wasi Program was created, which is one of the first ITMO programs for improved cookstoves in the world, and the first ITMO Program in Peru.

The Tuki Wasi Program hopes to install 60,000 improved cookstoves nationwide, which will benefit approximately 300,000 people in vulnerable areas of the country. These will seek to generate between 480,000 and 960,000 tCO2e by the year 2030.

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