Qori Qoncha improved cookstove wins award Microsol

Qori Qoncha improved cookstove programme wins environmental award | Microsol♨️


We are proud to announce that our programme ¨Qori Q’oncha¨ in La Libertad, Peru, has been awarded this recognition in the mention of Peru Natural: Mitigation of climate change.

The category ¨Peru & Nature¨ recognises outstanding initiatives for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the country’s urban or rural areas. The criteria for consideration are very rigorous. The evaluation committee that chose the winners included prominent professionals from different technical, academic and scientific fields, with experience and knowledge in the topics included in the various categories of the award and officials from the MINAM.

Projects in each category are not always awarded every year. Qori Q’oncha is the first project since 2018 to win the Peru & Nature category.

See the full list of winners here

The “Antonio Brack Egg National Environmental Award” bears this name in recognition of the career of Peru’s first minister of the environment, as a sign of public recognition for his work and dedication to promoting sustainable practices in Peru.

A Pioneer Programme

The winning project in La Libertad is part of our Qori Q’oncha improved kitchen programme. This programme was the first to issue carbon credits implementing improved cookstoves and the first program of this type to be registered with the Gold Standard in 2010. The programme currently covers six regions in Peru: La Libertad, Piura, Cajamarca, Huancavelica, Pasco and Junín, but we hope to include more communities in the coming years.

Improved Cookstoves have proven to have a positive impact on a wide range of environmental and social outcomes. This technology can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the largest contributor to climate change, and prevents indoor air pollution, one of the leading causes of heart and lung disease worldwide.

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