PUCP, SENCICO and Microsol held the 2nd event of the Improved Cookstoves Working Group


Within the framework of actions to learn about the current situation of Improved Cookstoves in Peru, its key actors, establish spaces for discussion and promote the thematic agenda of clean cooking in Peru, a second meeting was held by the Improved Cookstoves Working Group, on Wednesday May 10th.

The virtual event had the participation of 26 representatives of public and private institutions and civil society such as SENCICO, World Vision Peru, PUCP; among other key players.

The meeting focused on the development of four thematic axes: technical regulations and policy for improved cookstoves, academia, innovation and development of clean cooking, the Tuki Wasi Program and carbon financing, and finally, the systematization of the results of the first meeting of the group at the end of 2022.

These efforts are part of the joint work led by the organizing committee: the Support Group for the Rural Sector – PUCP, the National Training Service for the Construction Industry – SENCICO and Microsol Peru.


Importance of Improved Cookstoves

The use of this type of stove allows the combustion process to be improved, reducing the consumption of local firewood and reducing carbon emissions. At the same time, they help expel toxic smoke outside the home, drastically reducing indoor pollution and the risk of respiratory diseases.

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