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Implementing a fan to improve combustion in existing Improved cookstove models

Community innovation

Community Innovation Project

Context and need

Peru, South America

Research on improved technologies for energy conservation in rural countries is a continuous process resulting in the design of several types of improved cookstoves. The vast majority of stoves used in Peru derive from the ‘Inkawasi’ design.

This model increases airflow by raising the burning fuel underneath the combustion chamber above, concentrating the fuel and hot air. The whole structure is well insulated, which results in less heat being wasted. Finally, a chimney expels harmful smoke outside the home.

However, our studies consistently show that each family uses 12kg. of solid fuel a day and 80% of it is often firewood. This means there is still room for improvement. Finding new ways to improve combustion is one way to make the Inkwasi cookstove mode more efficient.

Project summary

The rural community of Ferreñafe in the northern region of Lambayeque in Peru was chosen as the site to conduct the project.

It was designed considering cultural aspects, specific needs and lifestyle of the current cookstove users in this community to make sure it is easily adopted and can be maintained over time.

The project will include the following:

  1.  Raise awareness and give training to households in prioritized communities for the installation of fans.
  2. Installation of 500 fans in improved ‘Inkawasi’ cookstove models.
  3. Evaluate and calculate the decrease in firewood used in target communities.
  4. Implementation post-installation services to follow up with users to ask them about their experience with the new technology.

Project Goal

Install 500 fans inside existing improved cookstove models.


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