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Communities in Mexico affected by COVID-19 need support to stay active

Community Support

Community Support Project

Context and need

Mexico, North America

The global health crisis produced by the novel Covid-19 virus has created special problems and challenges for many communities across the world. In the case of business owners, depending on your line of business, many are facing financial hardship and the possibility of permanently closing. One business experiencing this challenge is our local partner in Mexico. Severally affected by the pandemic, his business is in jeopardy of closing for good, potentially affecting the surrounding communities who depend on his services to maintain their improved cookstoves (ICS).

Project summary

With the funds collected from your donations, it will be possible to provide maintenance to the improved cookstoves that continue to be used by the families in our project from Mexico.

The stages of the project will include:

  1. Identify how many families are affected.
  2. Reach out to them and find out the current state of their ICS.
  3. Evaluate the costs of maintenance for each stove to determine the total funds needed for the project.
  4. Give maintenance with appropriate funds to Improved cookstoves in need of repair.

After identifying the families that need support and reaching out to them to see how many of them needed more urgent help, we identified 592 ICS in urgent need of maintenance.

Project Goal

Considering spare parts and hours of labor, each kitchen costs $120 USD to fix approximately. If we consider the total amount of ICS in need of maintenance, the total funding of the project $71,040 USD.


Support this Project

Your support will go a long way towards helping us reach the goal for this project. Any small contribution will have a huge impact of the lives of many vulnerable families.