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Communities in Honduras devastated by Hurricane Eta need your help

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Community Support Project

Context and need

Honduras, Central America

Hurricane Eta devastated rural communities in Central America this past November, severely impacting Honduras and other countries in the region. Storm surge swelled the coast and uprooted coconut palms now lie along the shoreline. Officials estimate many rural communities lost up to half their traditional dugout canoes used for fishing, and many more lost their only form of subsistence in the form of yucca, malanga, plantain, and other crops.

Honduras is part of our Utsil Naj programme in Central America, implementing improved cookstoves to provide rural communities with many environmental and social benefits. However, the combined disaster caused by hurricane ETA and the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across many of the same vulnerable communities. And they need our help to overcome this difficult time.

Project summary

Because of this situation and considering the persistent global health crisis, Microsol has organized a support project to receive donations and help the families in our programmes who are in desperate need of aid. We´ve identified 303 families from 5 different regions in Honduras who need our urgent help.

As an added support in this time of need, we will use the initial funds collected by donations to provide basic food baskets to those families. After, the goal is to replace the improved cookstoves that were destroyed by Hurricane Eta.

The installation of these stoves will allow the continuity of the carbon project carried out in these communities. Otherwise, they would most likely return to their use of traditional open flame stoves, bringing back all the negative consequences that this produces.

Project Goal

Give 303 families the support they need by providing them with a food basket and replace their improved cookstove.

303 families

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Your support will go a long way towards helping us reach the goal for this project. Any small contribution will have a huge impact in the lives of these families in need.