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Our Approach

The acceptance and long-term sustainability of our projects is our primary goal. Having a clear understanding of the context and policies allows us to develop innovative solutions to help rural communities face the challenges of climate change. Our approach tailors each intervention to the needs of each community, ensuring it can be sustainable and have the most impact.

First by understanding the needs, ideas, and perceptions of the communities. Then, we consider the local context and policies to design the best solution.
Second, this solution is tested and validated on the field to make sure it meets the needs of the communities, is sustainable, and can be easily replicated.
Third, after validating the solution on the field, the final step is to replicate the solution. Carbon finance has proven to be a great way of expanding the project's scope.
Microsol commits 100% of carbon revenues to cover monitoring activities, maintenance, and eventually the inclusion of new families into our projects.

What sets us apart

Not all organisations share the same level of transparency, and not all projects are established with the same care and attention to detail.

Here are a few key points that set our projects apart.

Empowering families and putting their needs first

Microsol’s projects are developed based on an integrated territorial approach that involves the participation of local communities, private organisations, and local authorities. All of our projects are established to meet specific needs. These needs are previously identified through studies considering national policies and local context and customs.

At the same time, empowering local communities is vital to guarantee the acceptance and long-term success of any initiative. From the initial consultation to establishing permanent jobs inside the communities, their participation is crucial in any project we implement.

Shared Values

Microsol does not engage in projects that involve the use of fossil fuels (for example the distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or the generation of negative environmental impact (for example the installation of dams), nor do we partner with entities that do so. Furthermore, Microsol does not work with those sectors that knowingly have devastating impacts on the environment and surrounding communities, such as the oiling and mining industries.

We only work with entities who respect human rights and the rights of their employees (and have never breached them in the past),

Finally, Microsol encourages partners to adopt a committed approach both in terms of managing the carbon emissions they generate and in choosing the projects they support.

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Transparent Microsol
100% transparent and dedicated funding

As a social business, no dividends are paid to shareholders and 100% of the funds are dedicated to make scale the projects and make them sustainable. Microsol remains committed to transparency by monitoring and following up with all the activities conducted on the ground and sending regular reports to our partners.

covers the costs of equipment, deployment of teams on site for the installation, maintenance, and training of the families.
covers the costs related to monitoring, certifying, following-up and promoting the project.
is used for administrative support and management of the projects.
Of the donations to community projects:
Microsol commits 100% of the funds collected by donations to provide maximum support and sustainability to our community projects.
Of the carbon funds, approximately:
funds Microsol
Of the donations to community projects:
Microsol funds
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