Microsol participates in the Climate Compass Event in Paris


With the Eiffel Tower in the background, Microsol presented its improved cookstove projects Qori Q’oncha and Tuki Wasi, in the highlands of Peru and Utsil Naj in the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, as part of the Climate Compass event this past Thursday, May 19, at the Grand Palais Ephémère in the city of Paris.

The implementation of improved cookstoves has proven to be a powerful solution to help fight against climate change while enhancing the quality of life of remote and vulnerable communities that are most affected by climate change. This low-cost technology has strong environmental, social, and economic impacts as it allows savings in the amount of firewood used, reduces carbon and black emissions, and expels toxic gases out of users’ homes, remarked Dorothee Pie, CEO of Microsol.

According to the World Health Organization, close to 2.6 billion people depend on solid fuels to prepare their food on open fires or inefficient stoves. These cookstoves generate large amounts of toxic fumes and greenhouse gases, affecting people’s health and contributing to climate change.

Microsol, through the implementation of improved stoves, contributes to reducing health problems associated with these pollutants inside the users’ homes, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and, as stoves are more efficient, helps fight against forest degradation and saves time and money for users.

According to Dorothee Pie, the long-term acceptance and sustainability of our projects is the key to maximising their environmental impact as well as the social and economic benefits generated for the communities. That is why we establish each project under a bottom-up approach that seeks to involve local communities and authorities from the beginning of any initiatives. Having this approach allows us to understand the perceptions of communities and adapt each intervention to their needs, ensuring that it can be sustainable and have the greatest impact.

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