Microsol presented the Executive Summary of the National Public Consultation of the Tuki Wasi Program

Within the framework of the Tuki Wasi Program, the virtual event "Executive Summary of the Final Report of the National Public Consultation" was held. 

Virtual assistance was provided by 27 participants from different institutions such as MINAM, FONCODES, PROFONANPE, FISE, SENCICO, INACAL, PUCP, UNI, INKASOL, SBD, PASKAY, among others. 

 The agenda of the event consisted of: i) the importance of carrying out National Public Consultations, ii) the executive summary of the National Public Consultation of the Tuki Wasi Program, iii) round of questions, and iv) final conclusions of the event.  


About the National Public Consultation (CPN) 

The CPN began in September 2022, and lasted until February 2023. 

The objective and scope of the entire process was to inform the interested parties of the proposal and the characteristics of the Program, in order to gather comments and opinions from the attendees. Information was provided on the design of the Program, such as: technologies to be installed, general objectives, scale, duration, and the implementation plan. The main weaknesses and limitations of the proposal, the possible economic, social and environmental impacts, the Safeguarding principles, among other topics, were discussed. All contributions and comments from interested parties were collected and analyzed in order to improve the development of the Program.

As a final part of the process, Ruru Tarpuy and Microsol make public the documents resulting from the CPN of the Tuki Wasi Program. We invite you to enter the following link:

National Public Consultation Tuki Wasi Program 

 Where you can find the Final Report of the Report, the Executive Summary, the annexes, and the presentations made in the virtual event. This information will be available, and freely accessible, until September 2023. 

About the Tuki Wasi Program 

Within the framework of the bilateral Agreement between the Swiss government and the Peruvian government, Microsol signed an agreement with the Climate Cent Foundation (CCF) and the KliK Foundation of Switzerland, to execute a program that generates Internationally Transferred Mitigation Results (ITMO, in its acronym in English) under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement. Thus, the Tuki Wasi Program was created, managed by Ruru Tarpuy and Microsol, one of the first ITMO programs for improved stoves in the world, and the first ITMO Program in Peru. 

The Tuki Wasi Program hopes to install 60,000 improved stoves nationwide, which will benefit approximately 300,000 people in vulnerable areas of the country. Through these, the aim is to reduce GHG emissions between 480,000 and 960,000 tCO2e by the year 2030.

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