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Carbon Certification

Microsol accompanies local partners through the certification process and assures holistic and long-lasting positive effects in the livelihoods of rural communities. Beyond lowering greenhouse gas emissions, these initiatives have multiple social, economic, and environmental benefits; and are proud contributors to the United Nation´s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We assess emission mitigation projects through the carbon certification, accompanying local partners until the carbon credits have been generated and placed in the voluntary carbon market. Consequently, we make sure every project is designed and carried out under a sustainability framework, in compliance with the Gold Standard, one of the most rigorous international carbon standards available.

Carbon Certification Process

Feasibility study
Cost-benefit study ofi mplementing a carbon project.
Local stakeholder consultation
A public consultation to understand the community’s needs, inform them of the benefits’ and make sure they agree with the conditions of the project.
Project’s design
A sustainability-focused design of the project and it’s corresponding stages.
After receiving feedback from the Gold Standard, the project design document is validated.
The project is registered in the Gold Standard and incorporated into one of Microsol’s programs.
The project is monitored to estimate the emissions reduction and then verified by an independent auditor before the credits are issued.
Carbon credits issuance
The credits are issued and placed in the international voluntary carbon market.
Project’s maintenance and sustainability
Microsol commits 100% of carbon credits sales to make sure all of our projects are maintained overtime.

Results and Impact

Microsol has partnered with over 20 project developers that wanted to certify their initiatives
Thanks to those alliances, more than 156 thousand improved cookstoves have been installed throughout Latin America
Through the implementation of cookstoves, we have improved the livelihoods of over 711,000 people
Thanks to the people’s reduced firewood use, over 1.7 million tonnes of firewood have been saved so far.
Consequently, more than 2 Million carbon tones avoided from being released into the environment

Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

The positive impact generated by our projects extend beyond lowering greenhouse emission. As a result, these initiatives are proudly certified by the Gold Standard as a contributor to 7 of the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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SDG Goals Microsol

Our Carbon Programmes

After more than 10 years of intervention, we are proud of the results and impacts generated by our programmes in Peru, Mexico and Central America.

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