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Consulting Services

Our multi-disciplinary team has many years of experience providing consulting services to different private and public organisations. Our services include carbon certification, drafting public policies about climate action and designing other sustainable projects. Recently, we´ve expanded our services to include Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMO) through article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

Carbon Certification

We assess your project’s emissions reduction potential and accompany you throughout the certification process up until the generation of carbon credits. The entire process is done in compliance with the international voluntary carbon market standards.

World Vision
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Carbon certification Consulting

Sustainable Energy

We are passionate about finding new ways to solve many problems related to the lack of access to sustainable energy in rural communities.

Minem Perú
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Sustainable energy Microsol

Climate Action

Microsol provides services aimed at designing emissions mitigation policies and programmes, emphasising improving the wellbeing of the most vulnerable communities in Latin America.

Rexel Fundation
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climate action microsol

Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMO)

The Paris Agreement establishes, among its many objectives, to stop the increase of the global average temperature caused by greenhouse gases (GHG) below 2 ° C. In this context, through voluntary cooperation between countries on the transfer of their GHG emissions, ITMOs are a mechanism to help reach this goal.

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Sustainable projects

Microsol works with different stakeholder to execute projects that are sustainable over time, providing lasting benefits to vulnerable communities in Latin America.

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