Community projecs Microsol Community projects

Support existing projects
that need assistance

Our community projects have two different but important areas of attention:

Community support Projects Support

The first provides support to existing projects that need urgent assistance due to unforeseen emergencies. These projects are directly linked to and reinforce the sustainability of the carbon programmes that Microsol develops to produce carbon credits.

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting some of the services needed to make sure these projects remain sustainable. This is another reason why these projects need our urgent help.

  • Support existing projects in communities we already work with
Community Support Projects Microsol

Community Innovation Projects Innovation

The second one focuses on developing innovations for new or existing communities. These pilot projects are usually the result of an investigation or study suggesting the solutions is sustainable and can be easily replicated to guarantee its scalability.

These projects can have different configurations depending on the type of solution and where we are implementing it.

  • Addressing new needs in communities we already work with
  • Addressing new needs in new communities
Community Innovation projects Microsol

Donate a Project

Your support has a huge impact of the lives of many vulnerable communities who are experiencing the effects of climate change.