The Water Filter

Improving water, sanitation, and hygiene may well be the single most-effective intervention towards enhancing human health and preventing illness and death in the Americas. The progress has been uneven in the region, and significant gaps remain between and within countries. Moreover, about 38 million people (7% of the Region’s total population) still lack access to improved drinking water sources.

Microsol decided to tackle this problem, including water filter technology in its Cental American PoA Utsil Naj.

About the Technology

This technology enables the population to have direct access to safe water. Thus, it allows to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by the water boiling purification technique.

The specific technology model or practice that will be established may vary in some details, due to:

The specific needs of the population.
The ability and experience of each Local Partner.
The presence and nature of local materials often used in the construction process.

Utsil Naj works with 2 technologies:

A gravity water filter with a ceramic candle.
A water purifier that combines fiber membrane and ultraviolet light.


The water filters generate environmental and social impacts certified under the Gold Standard:

Reduction of deforestation.

Reduction of CO2 emissions.

Mortality decrease related to respiratory diseases.

Improvement of living conditions.

Capacity building and involvement of local actors.