The Improved Cookstove

In the world, more than 3 billion people still cook on traditional stoves with solid fuel and 3,7 million people die each year from causes related to this combustion. It corresponds to 1 person dying every 8.5 seconds.

In Peru 2,000,000 families cook with solid fuels on open fires inside their homes and in many cases, without ventilation exposing people to smoke, dust and toxic gases generated by the combustion.This indoor pollution explains the significant incidence of acute respiratory and lung diseases in Andean rural families.

It is possible to improve this situation through the construction and use of improved cookstoves that evacuate the smoke from the house through a chimney.

About Technology

Improved cookstoves are simple and eco-friendly technologies, with two main features:

The chimney evacuates the smoke outside the house.
The combustion chamber ensures a higher thermal efficiency than traditional systems.

The technology also has other advantages such as:

Considerable saving of fuel (wood).
More safety by reducing the risk of injury (insulation of the combustion chamber and protection of cookware).
Improved hygiene.
Functional facility that improves the comfort of the cook.

Improved cookstoves of the Qori Q’oncha program are constructed from locally available materials: cob structure, ceramic combustion chamber and insulation made with ash.


The improved cookstoves generate environmental and social impacts certified under the Gold Standard:

Reduction of deforestation.

Reduction of CO2 emissions.

Mortality decrease related to respiratory diseases.

Improvement of living conditions.

Capacity building and involvement of local actors.