Financing sustainability over time

We believe that anyone can become a key actor in a synergy process towards change. Therefore, we want to strengthen your commitment to the fight against climate change through the support to the most vulnerable rural communities by investing in high quality projects.

Thanks to this investment, our programs will be able to be sustained over time and continue to achieve high quality economic, social and environmental results.


Strong communication and marketing potential.
Simple technologies with strong environmental, social and economic benefits.
Certified and durable outcomes.
Fairness and transparency.

Commitment and involvement for change.

Our clients

French delegation

Project financing to contribute to negative impacts mitigation.

La Mosca

Project financing to contribute to mitigate the events negative impacts.


Content definition and implementation modalities of financing and monitoring in a development bank.


Solar water heating market readiness assessment in Peru.

Rexel Foundation

Feasibility study for renewable energy projects.

World Vision

Baseline study and context analysis of an improved cookstoves project in three Andean regions.

Schneider Electric

Technical support to evaluate a baseline for ANGOLA project.