Armed with more than 7 years in big scale PoA development and management in Latin America, Microsol has become an expert in project development, carbon finance, outcomes evaluation and sustainable projects.

Microsol decided to put its expertise at the service of every organization willing to commit with the improvement of the living conditions of the poorest through:

Project development

Microsol has developed 2 Programmes of Activities in Latin America to diffuse clean cooking technologies in rural areas. We include all stakeholders (NGOs, Governments, end users, ...) from the beginning of the project development to facilitate the adoption to the communities.

Microsol focuses on ensuring the sustainability of the projects in order to achieve sustainable projects with strong social, economical and environmental impacts.

Our experts are here to help you design your project, contact us for more information.

Project evaluation

For years, Microsol has supported project developers to evaluate the results of their projects in order to improve their outcomes. Laying on international standards methodologies, Microsol implements monitoring processes to evaluate and certify social, economical and environmental outcomes. As an innovative company, Microsol goes beyond the international standards and develops its own methodology, implementing sustainable strategies for the projects based on the outcomes.

Now, Microsol puts its expertise in project monitoring at the service of every organization that focuses on improving the outcomes of their projects.

Furthermore, Microsol uses carbon finance and result based finance to secure the outcomes in the long term by providing project developers with safe and regular funding.

To know how you could maximize your outcomes and identify new funding opportunities, contact us.

Co-construction approach

Microsol works with all kind of entities that want to develop sustainable strategies through climate and development projects. We advise and support the organization throughout the process to build a personalized strategy in order to achieve the sustainable goals of the organization.

This involves anything from helping the organization identify which kind of projects to support, to developing a global program of carbon reduction and sustainable development activity.

Microsol answers to all your quality and sustainability requirements, contact us.

Our clients

French delegation

Project financing to contribute to negative impacts mitigation.

La Mosca

Project financing to contribute to mitigate the events negative impacts.


Content definition and implementation modalities of financing and monitoring in a development bank.


Solar water heating market readiness assessment in Peru.

Rexel Foundation

Feasibility study for renewable energy projects.

World Vision

Baseline study and context analysis of an improved cookstoves project in three Andean regions.

Schneider Electric

Technical support to evaluate a baseline for ANGOLA project.