The Qori Q´oncha programme helps cooling the earth and now you can support the program Qori Q´oncha

The "Cool Effect” initiative is being launched amid of the SXSW festival, one of the most mediated events in the world, to which the President of the United States attended this year for the first time. This initiative seeks to create a great impact through small, individual actions to cool the earth. Cool effect is featuring climate change mitigation projects and the Qori Q'oncha Programme for dissemination of improved cookstoves in Peru is one of the 5 outstanding projects in the online platform that aims to raise awareness among US citizens about their role in climate change and empower them to support projects to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

Truly, Cool Effect is a unique initiative of its kind, mainly because they are transparent about carbon credits pricing, also they provide tangible feedback for the projects and above all they allow and make it easier for the 130 million US citizens who want to do something about climate change to do their part in the cool effect community.

The Qori Q'oncha Programme started in 2008 benefiting more than 106,000 Peruvian families, who currently cook with improved cookstoves. Improved cookstoves not only reduce firewood consumption but also take the smoke outside the home and thus drastically change the families’ quality of life.

In the same context, we are very glad Laguna Pai is representing the Peruvian music at SXSW. In addition to their call for reflection and action embedded in their reggae songs, they will be participating in the activation of the Cool Effect Initiative.

Thanks to the web platform where you can buy carbon credits from the best mitigation projects in the world, you can also help more Peruvian families to live in a smoke free home